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Football Manager 2020 Has Been Redeemed Over 1 Million Times On Epic Games Store

There’s lots you can say about Epic Games, they sure are in the news a lot nowadays, and how they’ve handled their business ventures. Their PC storefront, the Epic Games Store, for instance, was at one point a lynchpin for controversy due to using exclusive deals as its main leverage against competitors. But regardless of what you think, through EGS they have given out a ton of games, and one of the most recent is Football Manager 2020, and a lot of people are redeeming.

As revealed by series Director Miles Jacobson, the game was redeemed over 1 million times as of last week. More people redeemed in 36 hours than did in the entire time the game was free on Steam for 2 weeks (though, to be fair, that was a free trial as opposed to here, where the game is free to keep permanently). Hopefully, it translates into more consistent players as well as more people checking out the sequels.

Football Manager 2020 is still free now via the Epic Games Store and will be until September 24th. Alongside it is Watch Dogs 2 and Stick it the Man, which are also free for the same time frame.

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