Fortnite’s second chapter finale event will be taking place later this week, but it seems to be a little clear. Reliable Fortnite leaker @ShiiaBR believes these leaks are from an Epic Games employee, as they appear fairly legitimate. Unfortunately, many fans of Fortnite may not realize this is a bit disappointment, but people who would like to turn these spoilers around should always be cautious in social media, as they may spread quickly!

The biggest spoiler for the finale seems to be in the middle of the map. While the next chapter would feature the new map, one leaked audio hint suggests a good chunk of the current map survived the Fracture event. Less than half-hearted readers can listen to the leaked audio in the below-hyped Tweet.

Spoiler: Event Audio Included voice lines! #Fortnite 4pm – 12pm – 0010 2 k.

FNBRintel (@FNBRintel) November 27, 2022

Out of the audio, a concept art has also leaked. It seems like fake information elicited in the mix. There was speculation that next chapter will be called “Reforged,” but the original leaker apparently debunked that. No matter what’s the real name or what’s the fake word, Epic Games can’t be so happy with all the things happening. Hopefully, Fracture can still be an enjoyable experience and can be enjoyed. Although some fans like to spoil these events, there are many others that prefer to go in with minimal information. Fortnite fans should remember that when discussing spoilers online. Try to take the information with salt.

Fortniteis available now on PlayStation4, PlayStation 5,XBox One,XboxSeries X|S,Nintendo Switch, andPC. You can see the entire report from the gameright here.

Will you like the Fracture event? Do you think the next chapter still has a new map?