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Fractured tells us about his plans for player-created towns and settlements

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The developers of fractured follow seeking funds on Kickstarter. But while they tell us some of their plans for the game. Today they left us a interesting article about the operation of the “player Housing” the towns and settlements created by players.

In essence, the map of each of the 3 planets of Fractured will be divided into different zones.

  • Town Zones – Predefined areas of the map where large towns and settlements can be created. That they can be controlled and governed by the players and to whom they can grant different rules.
  • neutral area – Areas near towns and around important locations where they cannot be built.
  • Free area – Where players can build freely. Building in the free zone comes with the advantage of not having to follow any rules but also with certain risks of being attacked.

Players from towns will have a governor who exercises different functions of command and responsibility. Players will be able to change rulers through a election system.


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