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From School Bench to Gamedev – Rage Quit Games is Conquering the Mobile Games Market

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„The worst thing you can do is making a f2p game that can be beaten” – our interview with Rage Quit Games studio, people behind smash hits that aren’t popular in their own country.

Entering the Rage Quit Games headquarters, I expected a small room, a cubby-hole cluttered with gear, and a few people focused on their screens. Admittedly, I wasn’t expecting much from a Polish studio that develops mobile games – and how big a team do you need to create a mobile game? Well, when I entered the office building and saw two large modern floors for 150 people, I found that my old ideas about this market should be strongly updated.

Rage Quit Games is a Krakow-based company that has focused on the mobile games market since its establishment. You may not know them, but as I found out first-hand, you definitely should. Google Play and Apple Store only offer two of their games – The Wolf: Online RPG Simulator and Evil Lands – and the number of downloads of these games is already 170 million… Yes, when we think about Polish gamedev, we immediately think about CD Project, Techland, 11 bit studios, People Can Fly, Bloober Team or Flying Wild Hog. Meanwhile, this is just the tip of the iceberg, because companies such as Ten Square Games or Rage Quit Games have been strong players in their domains. Their games have been tried by millions of players around the world, which of course translates into appropriate profits.

Three mates from school

The business idea

In the studio, I met and talked to Pawel Guminski (Co-founder), Adam Marszalek (Lead Developer), Kamil Preciuk (another Lead Developer), Grzegorz Gorecki (Senior Game Designer) and Maciej Sliwinski (PR & Brand Specialist).

This still causes surprise. The mobile gaming market is much larger than the PC market. We used to believe that large and technically advanced games appear on PC and consoles, while mobile phones get smaller games that are less engaging, perhaps even less polished. Meanwhile, this hasn’t been true for a long time. The mobile gaming market is already so cavernous, diverse and rich that it’s difficult not to take it very seriously.

We like to forget about it because we associate this market with bad graphics and bland games for killing time during a commute, and nothing else. Today it’s the largest market, albeit a new one, as it has really exploded in the last 10 years.

But Rage Quit Games have come a long way. Before entering the studio, I was aware that its founding story was supposed to go along the lines of “Three mates from school thought they would make games.” I asked about it.

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