Game news Game information India and the return of Just Dance Here is the selection of Nintendo Switch games of the week.

Published at the 21/11/2022 at 06:35.

We will meet as many as once a week to make a choice of games for Nintendo Switch. From November 21 to 27 it was for Ubisoft’s return of the most popular dance game: The Juste Dance 2023, but not only! For our best pleasure, this console doesn’t always forget the smallest independent games.

Let’s take the first week of our selections. With new music, customization options, 3D worlds simpler than ever for juste Dance 2023. You only dance to songs, including recent music titles such as the BTS, but also to emblematic music. In order to have vibrant colors and frenzied melodies, it would be a blessing for our season.

Now available November 21th.

Ship of Fools is a co-op rogue-like set set in a marine environment. You play as shackles, but intrepid little beings who brave the fright of the sea. Your comrades will defend your ship against evil creatures that try to attack them. Fools have different special abilities that can be useful during your adventure. Combat fierce naval battles against towering sea monsters and explore a beautiful, dangerous world.

The event will be on November 22nd.

Reprimand: It’s the list.

In Remorse: The List, you’ll be able to understand the strangest things happen in a city of Hungary. If you help, you’ll have to have only a list that doesn’t make any sense, which you’ll try to dechife. Remorse: The List is a horror game that gives the exploration and play an important role in the adventure. You will have the choice to progress in order to get your desired order in order to satisfy the order you desire. Please remember that this title isn’t available in French yet.

May 24th, available!

The game is far from the game.

If you are interested in psychoanalysis, Freud Bones The Game might be for you. You will examine the unconscious nature of your patients in order to find out what causes their suffering and why they suffer. If you don’t give the word, they can heal. Relatives ores The game allows players to explore the life of the psychoanalysis guru, from his own to his own torment. This title has not been available in French for the moment.

All that is available on November 24th.

Aliisha, originally planned for April 2022, and the Oblivion of Twin Goddesses is finally releasing. This is a great adventure game where you play two twins that all oppose. One is calm, the other fearless, the other is not fearless. Even though they differ, the friendship between these two characters is crucial to the story. To unlock their mysteries, it is an exploration that began in each story. It’s a classic adventure game where the protagonists play a key role.

Come November 24th.

Next week, use Switch games!