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GC 2014 – New trailer with gameplay images of Crytek’s MOBA, Arena of Fate

a few weeks ago crytek surprised us with the announcement of a new MOBA. Inspired by myths and legend tales, it will feature some famous characters from literature and fantasy as the heroes of the game. Now we have the first official trailer with gameplay images of the game.

Crytek invites players to step inside Arena of Fate, with a new trailer that has been shown, for the first time, at gamescom. During the trailer we can see a revamped Little Red Hood, offering an introduction to what arena battles entail, and the non-stop action that players can expect from this game, when the battle begins. Arena of Fate offers 5 player vs 5 player action, where players take on the role of legendary characters like Joan of Arc, Robin Hood and many more.


It has an air quite similar to other MOBA games but with curious ideas like the maximum time of 20 minutes, so that the games do not go on forever and different ways to win the game.

You can sign up to participate in the beta on your official Web arenaoffate.com


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