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Get warmed up with Pro Gymnast Simulator on Xbox and Switch

We’re not sure we ever wanted to become a pro gymnast, and we’re pretty certain that doing so in the virtual world was even less likely. So why are we tempted with Pro Gymnast Simulator as it swings onto Xbox and Switch?

Well, part of the reason is that it’s coming from the rather prolific RedDeeerGames. You see, they’ve got their fingers in many pies, from the cute Little Mouse’s Encyclopedia, to the madness of Elemetals: Death Metal Death Match. It’s always fun to see what RedDeer push to the market next, with a gymnastic simulator their next port of call. 

It’s priced reasonably well, just £16.74 from the Xbox Store for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, whilst the Nintendo eShop will hold a Switch download for roughly the same price. 

Pro Gymnast Simulator also piques are interest as it has been created by a proper, real-life gymnast. Going under the Walaber Entertainment name, the person behind this has spent a large part of their life practicing acrobatics and gymnastics – and that means they’ll know exactly what makes a gymnast simulator. 

Granted, we’re not sure that Pro Gymnast Simulator is going to win any awards in terms of the visuals, but if the mechanics are ripe, that’s all we can ask for. We’ll let you know in full review whether this really does replicate the movement of a pro gymnast, as they swing and jump their way through the world. With a level editor in hand, realistic controls and the promise that the ‘fun never stops’, we’ve got high hopes. 

Key features include:

  • -Full body controls
  • -Unlimited combo moves
  • -Challenging gameplay
  • -Created by an experienced Gymnast

You’ll find the download of Pro Gymnast Simulator over at the Xbox Store and Nintendo eShop. Let us know which format you grab it on. 

Game Description:

Realistic controls Enjoy controling every important movement of your athlete. Do your best to replicate real-world gymnastics or find your own playstyle. This game gives you unlimited expressive freedom. Level editor The fun never stops. You can always polish your skills or create new maps in the level editor. Made by a real life Pro Gymnast The creator of this game has spent most of his life practicing acrobatics and gymnastics. All the intricacies of this game are based on his real life experience.

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