Indie publishers Vyersoft and Boss Music Games announced that God of Riffs will be slashing and killing in the metalverse on September 21st 2022.

For those unfamiliar with the Lord of Riffs, it’s a musical-rhythm game that swaps the traditional colored music and glamourous concert arenas for unavoidable hells to the unavoidable beast. The axes used to crush the skeleton army, who charges players in each track, are all heavy and heavy.

  • In A LOT of NEWS, The Tennis League VR free demo starts at 8 o’clock for Quest 2.

God of Riffs has been available early as a Steam release since July 2021, but this September the full version 1.0 will make a good start for the game. Players will find new modes, new tracks, and a lot more technical changes that the developers have worked on to make the smoothest game possible. There is also the promise that we will see a lot more content later in the year with a full-blown Story Mod being planned as DLC. Tell me what, if developers don’t find a way to pay homage to Eddies epic showdown in Stranger Things 4? A wasting opportunity.

God of Riffs will release a version on September 21st for two versions of the classic saga, Meta Quest 2, and Steam VR for a price of $14.99. When you turn up for the gig early, you’re awarded a 30% discount.

  • What I am afraid of: I am a silent sane person! My dreams have begun to fade before the official announcement.