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Godfall – Weakpoints, Breach, and More Detailed in New Video Interview

Counterplay Games’ Godfall has been looking better in its most recent combat trailer. Along with showcasing some new Valorplates, it also briefly indicated the existence of weakpoints. How do these differ from other titles and for that matter, what else can be expected from the combat? Arekkz Gaming managed to speak to technical producer Dick Heyne about all this and more in a new video.

Weakpoints will crop up when dealing enough damage to an enemy but require aiming one’s reticle at a specific point. This is to help prevent mindless button mashing and imbue some strategy into the combat, which is further reinforced by the various build options that players will have. Different items could provide different effects upon hitting a weakpoint like recovering health or generating projectiles that seek out other foes. And yes, bosses have weakpoints as well.

There’s also Breach, indicated by a meter on each foe. Filling up the Breach meter will stun an enemy and expose them to takedowns for massive damage or outright execution. Once again, you can acquire loot that will trigger different effects with takedowns, like an explosion that can damage nearby enemies. Almost every enemy can be taken down and there will be items for increasing Breach damage.

The full interview is worth watching, especially with its look at the new Valorplate, Armistice, and mechanics like Soul Shatter. Godfall is out on November 12th for PS5 and PC. It recently went gold, with prices for both platforms and various editions revealed.

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