The racing series Gran Turismo could make the leap from PlayStation to PC according to Kazunori Yamauchi.

As Yamauchi reported at the World Finals of the Grand Turismo World Finals, it was said that in order to bring the racing franchise to PC, as planned, Polyphony Digital would consider bringing it to the GM, saying “yes, I think that that’s something I will tell you”, when asked if that’s a possibility.

The PlayStation exclusive series would not be able to make the leap if they thought that a port could be developed to meet their standards.

Gran Turismo 7 performance comparison screenshots. 8 Images

“Gran Turismo is a very fine name,” said Yamauchi. There aren’t many other platforms that can run the game in 4K/60p natively. So to narrow this down, one can make that possible. It isn’t very simple, but of course we’re looking at it and considering it.”

PlayStation has brought a lot of first-party and console exclusive games since 2020, and include titles from the movie Horizon and God of War. It is also planning on continuing its hybrid console and PC strategy, and then that’s the plan, and possibly working on its own computer launcher, at least according to the files found in the PC version of Spider-Man Remastered.

IGN awarded a 9/10 with the new version of Grand Turismo 7 in the end of this year, noting that it was an awesome graphics, a great driving feel and other racing options galore the best franchise has been in the era of the dominant PlayStation 2.

The series is also set to take over the big screen in 2023 and become a live movie in which people can enjoy the exploits of Mardenborough, who became a real world racing driver after the winning series of Gran Turismo tournaments.

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