Updated news about the Steam Deck. A lot, reported The Grand Theft Auto V, Elden Ring, Stray appeared on the 10 most popular projects of the portable console last week.

The top of the past week looks as though there’s a different list of users per day (for example, the average number of users per day):

MultiVersus; Vampire Survivors; Stray, Elden Ring; No Mans Sky; Hades; Stardew Valley; Grand Theft Auto V; Aperture Desk Job; Monster Hunter Rise. In addition, Steam Depot has become available in new regions. Residents of Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong can now book the device. Remember that Steam Deck was not officially released in Russia. Soon valve promises to share more news. In fact, the remaster could receive complete compatibility with Steam Deck Spider-Man Insomniac Games this game will be released on a PC on August 12 but this can’t be pre-ordered in Russia.