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Guild Wars 2 – Dragon’s Reach: Part II and New Major Feature Update

On time for your appointment we receive the new content of Guild Wars 2. A new chapter in the history of the living world that introduces us even more to the mysteries and history of what this will be. second season. Venture further into the new region of Dry Top and discover all the mysteries of this new update.

NCSOFT® and ArenaNetdevelopers of the acclaimed franchise of Guild Warstoday unveiled Dragon’s Reach Part II, the latest update to the Living World story of Guild Wars 2. A historic summit is about to take place under the shadow of Mordremoth’s spreading advance. However, not all world leaders have agreed to attend. Can you convince the undecided allies to band together and cooperate, or will these unresolved tensions be the end of Tyria?

This episode offers you new territories to explore. Venture further into Dry Top and prove your mettle against the new enemies you will encounter there. Following this update, Living World Season 2 will continue next fall.

  • ministerial treason
    Some time ago, the villainous Scarlet launched a devastating assault on Divinity’s Reach. Now, an anonymous source has accused Queen Jennah of being her accomplice in the attack. Until she clears her name, the Queen will not be able to leave her city to attend the upcoming summit. She works together with Kasmeer and Countess Anise to find the source of these rumors and put an end to this political intrigue.

  • News about waypoints
    Asura prodigy Taimi has made impressive progress with her waypoint recalibration device, but her troubles are far from over. Councilor Phlunt wants to interfere with Taimi’s investigation and is using her attendance at the summit as a bargaining chip. He may be bright for his age, but will Taimi be able to finish his project and convince the asura councilor to attend the summit?

  • history journal
    Log in and play today to unlock free, permanent access to the Dragon’s Reach (Part II) story. Once you’ve completed the episode, you’ll be able to replay it through the new story journal and challenge yourself with special achievements.

  • living treasures

    The back piece of the third episode’s mystery seed is still available, and what’s better, you can gather new items and pamper it to grow and become ascended or infused. Continue to gather Geodes, Zephyrite Lockpicks, and rare crafting materials as you make your way through your story.

Those of you who love PvP will be pleased to know that we are introducing the first living world reward track. Use the Arid Region reward track to unlock Season 2 rewards in PvP.

In this link You can check all the changes introduced in this new patch.

Arenanet has also presented the new big feature update to come to the game this next September 2014. We don’t have the details yet but as it looks like the previous patch they introduced we will have a good dose of changes and new features in many fundamental aspects of the game. Over the next few weeks we will know what these news will be.

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