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Guild Wars 2: From the Shadows is Now Available

The new update of Guild Wars 2 From the Shadows is now available to play. In this update it pick up the story where it left off in the Heart of Thorns expansion. This update also incorporates new additions to fractals and arenasadded a new fractal and a few of the existing ones have been modified. Also added a new PvP map: Capricorn’s Revenge.

The update also adds quality of life improvements, improving the arena interface and enabling some things the community has been asking for for quite some time, like the ability to do queue for the arenas from anywhere, or allow ranger pets to remember their names. The professions have also had their dose of attention and have been adjusted.

Remember that the new content is freeyou just have to connect before next chapter and you will unlock it permanently. You need the Heart of Thorns expansion to play, but you can unlock the chapter even if you don’t have the expansion.

You can visit the update page and the patch notes for more information. You can also find more details in the FAQ they posted when announcing the third season.


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