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Guild Wars 2 – Introducing Part Two of Dragon’s Reach

Today we have the presentation of the next chapter in the history of the living world of Guild Wars 2. Another enigmatic video that gradually immerses us in the plot of the interesting story of this second season. The new update will be available to all players next August 12.

A historic summit is about to take place under the shadow of the advance of Mordremoth, that continues to spread. However, not all world leaders have agreed to attend. Can you convince the undecided allies to band together and cooperate, or will these unresolved tensions be the end of Tyria?
This episode offers you new territories to explore! Venture further into Dry Top and prove your mettle against the new enemies you will encounter there.

To learn more about the living world of Guild Wars 2 visit its official website: https://www.guildwars2.com/en/the-game/releases/


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