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Guild Wars 2 New Feature Update Launches Today

Between patch and patch of new content and history of the living world, Arenanet usually puts in a patch of new game features, improvements in different aspects, and changes in balance and abilities. The previous one April big feature update It was quite impressive, with modifications and new features, the wardrobe, the mega server system and many other things. On this occasion, the changes and novelties are not so radical, but many parts of the game have been improved, such as the World vs. World, the new and revamped bazaar, many changes in skills and combat, etc.

Many changes and tweaks in almost all facets of the game that you can read and discover in full at this address.

NCSOFT® and ArenaNet™, developers and publishers of the renowned franchise of Guild Wars, today released the Major Feature Update for September 2014, the second standalone update to the award-winning MMO Guild Wars 2. Feature updates focus exclusively on in-game features with the latest bringing improvements to key features, a “new player experience”, balance improvements and much more. Feature updates and any new content added to Guild Wars 2 They are available absolutely free and without any subscription fee.

Log in today and experience the big September 2014 feature update, including:

  • Wardrobe Updates
    The big feature update in April 2014 brought you the Account Wardrobe, a system that made it easier than ever to browse styles and dye colors across your entire account. Now, we’re expanding this feature with new categories: You’ll be able to use the Wardrobe to share miniatures across your account, equip miniatures, collect and curate your finishing moves, and much more.

  • new bazaar
    We are going to introduce you to a totally new bazaar. It will now be much easier to navigate, so you can find, buy and sell the items you want much faster.

  • collection achievements
    A new achievement category called Collections will reward you for collecting items from across Tyria. Get all the beers Guild Wars 2collect trinkets, add themed gear sets to your wardrobes… There are many different ways you can earn rewards, such as new ascended accessories, a treasure chest for your starting area, and much more.

  • World vs. World Improvements
    We’re excited to see how the additions in this feature update will affect World vs. World strategy and tactics, from the improved Commander’s Plates to the Siege Golem’s Dominion line and the new Siege Disabler cheat. You’ll be able to try out all of these changes at the WvW Fall 2014 Tournament starting on Friday, September 12.

  • New player experience
    We have looked back and have carefully observed what new players experience during the first levels of Guild Wars 2. Thanks to this, we have made some changes to make the game easier to understand and to be able to learn by playing.

What’s been described above are just hints at the many improvements coming with today’s update. To learn more about the big September 2014 feature update, check out the various blog posts detailing each of the features and improvements in guildwars2.com.

If you want to take a quick and entertaining look at all these news, our partner machine has prepared a “summary video” of the highlights of this great update.

Arenanet has also prepared a video with the changes they have made to the 8 professions of Guild Wars 2. If you want to see how these changes affect the game or your favorite profession, take a look at this other video:


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