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Guild Wars 2 Season 2 Returns on November 4

It seems that if we want to see new content in Guild Wars 2 and continue our adventures through the second season of the living world we will still have to wait a long time. After yesterday’s feature patch we were happy looking forward to the new content patch, but that will still have to wait. Arenanet has announced that the second season of GW2 will be back with us on November 4th.

NCSOFT Y ArenaNet are pleased to offer the first details of the second part of the Second Season of the living world of Guild Wars 2, which will be released on November 4, 2014.

With the culmination of the first part of Season Two, the leaders of Tyria have gathered at a secret summit in the forest, at the foot of the sylvari’s sacred Pale Tree. They proved an easy target for Mordremoth’s forces, facing a surprise attack from the Shadow of the Dragon.

The heroes of Tyria are now scattered across the world but in search of a single goal: how to bring the battle to Mordremoth? The secret may lie in the vision the Pale Tree emitted moments after being severely injured by the Shadow of the Dragon.

What message did the vision bring, and will a united Tyria be enough to thwart the threat of this mighty Dragon?
The fight continues.

We are left with the question of whether Arenanet will surprise us with some new surprise content outside of the season in these months of rest or we will have to settle for the Halloween patch at the end of October, most likely.

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