On Friday 11/17/1922 at 12:00 by Matthias Bruckle Even if you don’t buy a lot of merchandise on Black Friday, you’ll get great gifts in Guild Wars 2. The developers announced great in-game bonuses for the days surrounding Black Friday, so that Character can progress and equip even faster. You can also expect great discounts.

While Black Friday is logically a single day for discount and bargains, it doesn’t stop people at Arenanet bringing their community a whole week of goodies. Because you’ll soon automatically receive the bonuses in order to experience, magic finding and the rewards paths of PvP and WvW with your character. But as well, a real bargain is waiting for you.

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Black Friday in Guild Wars 2. That is what you get.

The developers have announced the following bonuses on the official Guild Wars 2 website (buy now $49.95) that will be active all November 22 to November 29.

+50% experience points (serious sources) +30% magic finding (higher chance of rare loot) +30% PvP reward path progression+30% WvW reward path progression+30% Gws reward progress.

A release of the official developer announcement in Guild Wars 2 for Black Friday 2022. Source: Arenanet.

Other than that, the daily specials on games, merchandise and upgrades include Black Friday (November 25) and November 28-2022. There are these in the Guild Wars 2 in-game shop, which you usually open with the O key. So log in every day to find new bargains. Also, last year there were cheap gems for the e-shop on Black Friday, if this isn’t the case again, we’ll tell you, of course!

The Guild Wars two expansions are cheap for Black Friday.

There are also goodies for the multiplayer game starting November 22nd, 2022. Purchasing these does not only give you three first 3 Guild Wars 2 expansions (Heart of Thorns, Path of Fire, End of Dragons) but also Seasons 2 through 5 of Living World and First, has become fully playable and exciting recently her graduation the community. All this Complete Collection was only available on Steam. The ticket will be sold from November 22, 2022.