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Guilty Gear Strive – New Starter Video Highlights Ramlethal Valentine

Over the past few days, Arc System Works has released starter video for Guilty Gear Strive, preparing players for the upcoming open beta. Millia Rage and Zato-1 have been showcased and the latest starter video is all about Ramlethal Valentine. Check out her moveset below.

Ramlethal’s play-style is more focused on range, as she can launch her two enormous swords at foes, one by one. Depending on the number of swords she currently has, the damage of certain attacks can decrease. There are some close combat techniques as well, like Dauro for launching foes and Sildo Detruo that can bypass crouching guards.

The next starter guide will focus on Leo Whitefang and should offer more insight into this moves. Guilty Gear Strive’s open beta test is scheduled for February 18th to 21st on PS4 and PS5. The full game launches on April 9th with Deluxe and Ultimate Edition owners receiving three days early access.

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