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Halo 2 Gets 38 Times More Viewers Than Infinite On Twitch

Halo Infinite has been struggling somewhat when it comes to staying relevant for as long as its creators would have liked it to. That goes for the number of people playing, and also the number of people watching them play. That much was showcased by some side-by-side comparisons this week as 38 times more people were watching Halo 2 on Twitch than were watching Infinite.

The massive difference in viewership between the newest Halo and one of the oldest games in the series was highlighted on Twitter by Gun Shot. More than 45,000 people were watching others play Halo 2 at one point on Wednesday. Meanwhile, just 1,200 people were watching others play Infinite. Before 343 Industries and Xbox get too worried, there’s a reason for this disparity, and it will almost definitely be an anomaly.

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