Wizards of the Coast, an American publisher famous for tabletop games like Magic: The Gathering and Dragons, announced it will scale back its videogame production and cancel a few games that were under development. The report said at least five game projects will be canceled. Wizards is the subsidiary of Hasbro Inc., which suffered a loss of 40% last year. Due to the drop in shares, many Hasbro projects were either retooled or entirely canceled.

Bloomberg received an official statement from a spokesperson for Wizards of the Coast, stating that the company is still committed to using digital games. However, Bloomberg reports that only 15 people lose their jobs in Wizards of the Coast as the company moves in its direction. Many lay-off employees will have the opportunity to apply for different positions in the company. They hired two independent video game studios to build their own multi-million dollar property. The studios of Otherside and Hidden Path Entertainment were brought on to work on Wizards games. Their projects are now out of the air.

In the past several years, Wizards of the Coast invested in the video game industry, creating six studios, and signing contracts with other developers. The company has hoped to become a gamer and be as successful in video games as in tabletop gaming. The first in the movie “Hello’s Day” was the “The Night I’m Dead”, released in 2021, and released by Tuque Games. The title has received mixed reviews and was not as successful as Wizards’ desire.

Fortunately, Wizards still has Baldurs Gate III release to look forward to. Even though Baldurs Gate III is developed and published by Larian Studios, the Baldurs Gate series is directly based on the Dungeon and Dragons roleplaying system. The Baldurs Gate III game became fast available for PC with a full version launching in August.

The first scoop of 2023 is sad: Wizards of the Coast canceled at least five games and eliminated just 15 positions (so far) as a result of the cut in scope of its gaming ambitions: https://t.co/oZpgzLis1X & 1x8V.

Jason Schreier (@jasonschreier) January 3, 2023.