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Haven’s PlayStation-Exclusive Game To Feature Social & User-Created Content

Speaking during an interview with GI.biz, Jade Raymond, the founder of Haven Entertainment Studios, has revealed that its PlayStation-exclusive project will incorporate social elements and user-generated content.

While Raymond is keeping much of the project under wraps, she did reveal some interesting details about what to expect from the new IP.

There are three things that are really exciting me, which are also pillars for the way that we’re thinking about things. First is games as a social platform. The pandemic has proven that gameplay is the social glue that binds communities. Especially for the younger generation, this is what you do and how you make friends and hang out. That is something that we really want to build and design for.

The second thing is thinking about the ‘remix generation’. It started a little while ago, there is this age of self-expression where we’re designing our NikeID shoes, we’re reading our friends’ blogs rather than what our professional journalists are writing.

And I think that has continued to go further with things like TikTok. That’s another thing that we’re thinking about at the heart of this IP. It is beyond user-generated content, it is about taking that self-expression and remix concept to the next level.

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Earlier this year, the art director for Assassin’s Creed departed Ubisoft to join Raymond at Haven Studios.

[Source – GI.biz]

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