Veteran French rifler Audric JACKZ Jug signed with HEET, who filled a vacant space after the departure of his former teammate, Lucas Lucky Chastang earlier this week.

The move leaves JACKZ back to play for an all-french team after spending the last three years of his career with the G2-s international squad. During his stay at G2, he helped them win smaller events such as the Champions Cup in 2019 and the grand finals of prestigious events like IEM Cologne in July 2021, PGL Stockholm Major in November 2021, and IEM Katowice in February 2022.

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HEET (@heet_gaming) August 10, 2022.

JACKZ was allowed to try to pursue his choice after the highly anticipated results were announced at the IEM Katowice final in which the international team went out early in the early stages of major tournaments like UP Antwerp, IEM Cologne and Y.S.

JACKZ move to HEET will mark his reunion with Pianaro, Aurelien afro Drapier and Thomas Djoko Pavoni. The 30-year-old had already played with them while the team was still sponsorless in 2021 and used a DBL Poney tag. HEET picked the DBL Poney lineup up in January 2022.

As for the successful results and evolution seen from the team in the first six months, when we had the chance to sign a player with JACKZ’s caliber and T1 experience, we realized that it was necessary to move and bring her, a COO Jasur Jazz Avizov said.

JATZ marks under the HEET banner will begin the ESL challenger League Europe season 42 on the october 16.