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Here’s a new lengthy gameplay trailer of Elden Ring

There’s been a lot of Elden Ring screenshots and screen capture about – and not all of it officially sanctioned – but if you’re desperate for another peek at Elden Ring but are scared of bumping into unmarked spoilers and wobbly cam footage, here’s a brand new gameplay trailer directly from From Software itself.

A full six and a half minutes long, it gives us an overview of the world, its inhabitants – including the Tarnished – and how the game will play. That’s enough out of me, though – you can check it out below:

“Much has changed in the Lands Between since the days of your banishment, Tarnished,” teases the video description. “Come and learn what awaits you on the path of grace.”

Elden Ring is due for release on 25th February across PlayStation and Xbox consoles, and PC. You can find out what Aoife made of her six hour sample of the game right here.

From Software recently confirmed the PC specs required to run Elden Ring. Though the minimum specs leaked the prior weekend, they were swiftly taken down and it was hoped the leak was mistaken. Alas, it seems the early leak had been accurate, and they seem pretty steep for minimum specs.

Source link : Eurogamer

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