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Heroes of the Storm: The Rusty Wastes, Hero Changes, and More

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Blizzard has announced the arrival of a new content patch for Heroes of the Storm. It’s packed with updates to the Nexus, like the Rusty Wastes event, skin changes for some heroes, and more.

We welcome you to the Rusty Wastes

The rusty wastelands they are a barren and sandy area located in the confines of the Nexus. New skins and a new mount are available for you to take on this hellish landscape:

Fel Azmodan, nazeebo prophet of gasoline, raynor road warrior and the hellmouth flying bike.

You can find more information about the Rusty Wastes event in the official publication.

Let’s give them a beating!

Rusted Wastelands won’t be the only new addition to the Nexus. Everyone’s favorite former quarterback and the Lord of Sin are the next heroes to go through reworks. For all the details about the new Raynor Y azmodantake a look at the attached fact sheets and don’t miss the presentations of their redesigns on YouTube: Azmodan’s Y Raynor’s.

Ranked Matches and Season 3 Updates

Now you can prove your worth in Ranked Season 3 of 2018. To kick off this new season, we’re also releasing several updates to Ranked Matches, such as 3rd Discard, MMR and Rank Decrease, adjustments to placement matches and ranked match allocation, and more. For more information about the new ranked season and all the news, visit the blog post.

secrets of the storm

If you want to know more about the Nexus, the latest comic from Heroes of the Storm. You can read secrets of the stormonline here.

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