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Heroic Story Raises $6M in a Round Led by Upfront Ventures

The company plans to utilize the funds to develop its group and on-chain know-how for its MMORPG world.

Heroic Story’s Fundraising 

Heroic Story, a web3 gaming protocol, has raised $6 million to build a Web3 RPG platform. Upfront ventures led the round with participation from Multicoin Capital and Polygon Technology. The seed brought the company’s total capital raised to $7.4 million. Heroic Story was founded in 2019 by Y combinator founders- Jay Rosenkrantz and his brother Scott. The collaborative, community-owned world-building platform is powered by smart contracts and non-fungible tokens(NFTs).

The round also received participation from strategic angels investors such as Jonathan Lai(a16z Games Fund One), Steve Arhancet(CEO Team Liquid), Quantstamp’s Richard Ma, Orange DAO, George Strompolos (founder of Fullscreen), Wolfgang Hammer (head of Film, Miramax) and co-writers of Marvel’s Eternals Film – Ryan and Kaz Firpo. 

Heroic Story also noted its previous investors, such as Transcend Fund, Kevin Lin(Co-founder of Twitch), Holly Liu(Co-founder of Kabam), and Thirdweb’s Furqan Rydhan. Heroic Story hinted that the funds would be used to hire talents and speed up the promo campaign for its beta platform. The company is also looking to build its on-chain technology for a massively multiplayer online role-playing game(MMORPG) world governed by professional masters.

Heroic Story’s Past Achievements

Heroic Story released its first game, “Legends of Fortunata,” in 2021. This game was created by the company’s in-house narrative team of novelists and screenwriters. Contributions were also gotten from their community of fan-fiction writers and digital artists. 

Jay Rosenkrantz said: 

“The intersection of storytelling and technology has been the theme of my career, from my early years as a top online poker pro and entrepreneur to designing and directing one of the first adventure games for consumer VR. At Y Combinator, Scott and I doubled down on solving problems for storytellers, the world’s most undervalued talent, and after spending the last year and a half exploring Web3, we truly believe smart contract-powered platforms will transform gaming, storytelling and community building.”

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