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Hit the world tour as ATV Renegades becomes available to buy and download

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The MX and ATV franchises have offered many games throughout the years, with some mixed adventures even taking centre stage in recent years. Today though sees the arrival of another title, one firmly entrenched in the off-road world. Bringing the first solo ATV experience to Xbox One is ATV Renegades.

ATV Renegades brings six world tours for players to compete in, each with four events to enjoy. With Quick Race and local multiplayer also available for those wanting to race a friend, there’s plenty to keep an avid fans of the off-road variety interested.

Pull off crazy tricks and dominate the opposition as you look to book your place in history as champion of the world tour. ATV Renegades is available to buy and download now for the price of £23.99 across Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. The Xbox Games Store is the place for all XO owners to hit. 

Will you be looking to get in on the latest action 4-wheeled ATV off-roading? Let us know in the comments below or via our usual social channels.

Game Description:

Single Player World Tour features 6 tours to compete in, each consisting of four separate events. Single Player Quick Race allows the player to race against a definable number of CPU players at any unlocked event to practice or just for quick fun. Multiplayer allows two players to complete head-to-head on any unlocked event via split-screen on a single game console. Tutorial shows how the game is played.

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