Two new pieces are at work, and this time they’re part of the Look Up collection. Megahouse announced that both the Hololive Vtubers will join the line. They haven’t yet seen a release window. However, when the company made the announcement, it shared pictures of both characters’ unpainted prototypes.

Here’s a look at the Inugami Korone and Nekomata Okayu Look Up figure prototypes.

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The Look Up line is fairly standard. Most of the figures are for 3 278 (25 dollars) and 4 620 (35 dollars). They’re always about four inches tall. While many of them feature a character in a sitting pose, there’s a neck joint that allows you to adjust the way he’s facing his head. They are always posed looking toward their faces.

It is not unusual for someone to say no to figures in the same way as Inugami Korone and Nekomata Okayu. That’s because both Vtubers are part of the Hololive Gamers group, which also includes Shirakami Fubuki and Ookami Mio. For example, the figures for the Pop Up Parade were announced and released just the same time. That happened too with their Nendoroids.

There are still no release date yet for Hololive Inugami Korone and Nekomata Okayu Look Up figure models.