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Horizon Forbidden West Actor Says the Sequel is Bigger and Better Than Zero Dawn

There’s little doubt in anyone’s mind that Horizon Zero Dawn was an absolutely stellar game, and is easily one of the best titles in the PS4’s excellent library. It stands to reason that anticipation for its sequel, Horizon Forbidden West, is quite high, with expectations being set for a game that’ll be even better executed than its predecessor was. According to Ashly Burch, who plays the protagonist Aloy, that’s exactly the case.

Speaking in a recent interview with GamesRadar, Burch, who is currently in the midst of recording lines for the upcoming open world action RPG, said that Forbidden West is going to be bigger and better than Zero Dawn, and will continue to deliver on all the things that fans loved about the first game.

“I can’t say a lot… But, um, I will say that I really do think that all of the things that people loved about Zero Dawn – the gorgeous world, the immersive story, the awesome gameplay – Forbidden West is just more and better,” said Burch.

Burch, of course, is familiar with the how the story in Forbidden West is going to go, what new areas Aloy is going to travel to and what new characters she’s going to meet, and went on to express her excitement about getting to experience all of that as a player.

“The new areas that Aloy is traveling to, the tribes that she’s meeting, and the story that unfolds…” she said. “I got a primer on it all before recording for the game, where the writing team took me through the arc of the story and it was like being a kid at a campfire. I’m just so excited for it! I’m also a fan, so I’ll be in recording sessions and we’ll be recording a scene and I’m like, ‘I can’t wait to do this fight or I can’t wait to explore this area!’ So, yeah, I really think that people are going to enjoy it.”

Horizon Forbidden West is due out some time this year for the PS5 and PS4.

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