Have trouble figuring out how to get the Huge Hell Rock in the Pet Simulator X? Don’t worry about them! They helped you out. In this guide, we’ll show you how to get the Huge Hell Rock in Pet Sim X, what your odds of getting one are and how valuable it is. Let’s go around here.

How to Get Huge Hell Rock Pet Simulator X!

To eat Huge Hell in Pet Simulator X.

For the greatest Hell Rock in pet simulator X, you just need to keep taking a short break from the 21st to the 29th of July. This pet has been introduced to the game as an apology for the new update not being released at three million likes as they promised originally. That Huge Hell Rock can appear in any Egg, but there is one big catch: its extremely rare. According to the Animal Simulator Fandom Wiki, the odds of hatching one by equal to two million is 1. That’s pretty brutal. On the other hand, it has unique enchantments such as Best Friends (that mean it will always be stronger than your best friend) and a random enchantment. And, being a valuable resource, comes to our next section.

Pet Sim X Huge Hellrock Value.

The value of the Huge Hell Rock in Pet Sim X – or Pet Simulator X – is 65 billion Diamonds for the Normal and Golden, and 325 million Diamonds for the Rainbow version. At the best of our knowledge, the value of the Dark Matter version remains unknown, if it even exists. The Huge Hell Rock, either way, is worth a lot. It is worth it, considering your chances of getting one. Then again, it remains the easiest Huge man to get to the game, being four times more common than the Huge Hacked Cat. Just keep opening eggs (ideally Golden Cracked Egg if you have the coins) and hope that it’ll drop from one.