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How To Register For A Chance To Buy A PS5 From Sony’s PlayStation Direct Store

One way to buy a PlayStation 5 in America has been directly from Sony via the PlayStation Direct online store. PS Direct has conducted PS5 restocks in two ways: 1) public online events that place you randomly in a queue and 2) private invitations sent to PlayStation Network users’ email addresses. In regards to the latter, people have had confusion and uncertainty knowing if they’re properly registered to receive the invitation. That is, until now. Sony PlayStation now has a site where you can manually register to receive that chance to buy a PS5.

Simply go to the site, sign into your PSN account (US only), and click “Sign Up.” Invitations to buy the PS5 on PS Direct will start going out this November 2021. Players will be selected “based on previous interests and PlayStation activities.” There is a limit of 1 PS5 console per PSN account.

The PS Direct invite will allow you to buy either 1 PS5 console (with the disc drive) or 1 PS5 Digital Edition.

Additionally, you can choose to purchase up to 2 Bundled, Cosmic Red, or Midnight Black DualSense wireless controllers, 3 White DualSense wireless controllers, 1 PS5 Media Remote, and/or 1 PULSE 3D wireless headset with your PS5 console.

The PS5 continues to be one of the hardest consumer products to get a hold of. Online restocks of the console sell out quickly. Best Buy’s in-store PS5 restock event a few weeks ago saw long lines outside its stores. PS5 chip manufacturer AMD expects the chip shortages to continue until the second half of 2022.

[Source: Jake Randall]

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