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Ice and Blood Episode 1 Coming to Guild Wars 2 This Next Week

After a prologue chapter that we knew almost like a first episode comes what really is chapter 1 of the history of Blood and Ice. Beginning November 19, players will head to the Distant Shiverpeaks where an unrelenting storm and a mysterious voice await players.

These are some of the contents of this first chapter

New Map: Bjora Marches

A lonely land ravaged by blizzards and infested with sinister horrors. Jora’s Fortress is possibly the only shelter from the storm…if it holds up at all.
New Mastery: Raven Attunement

Bond with the swift and cunning Raven, one of the spirits of nature, and use his blessing to open locks, pass through doors, and protect yourself with his light.
New Masteries: Essence Manipulation

Learn to collect the Essences of Resilience, Valor, and Vigilance to take advantage of enemies’ weaknesses and hit them where it hurts the most.
Weekly Strike Mission Rotation

Test your strength in three strike mission encounters against the fallen, aberrant, and svanir legendary abominations.
Upgradable Ancient Boreal Weapons

Bring this damaged and worn armory back to the glory of yesteryear.


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