While OpTic and LOUD are both fighting in the grand final of VCT Champions 2022, the final chapter of this year’s premier VALORANT rivalry has already become one of the record books, breaking the best viewer record in time.

Over the entire national broadcast and co-stream period, the grand final attracted over 1.4 million concurrent viewers only through one map, after LOUD took the first map on Ascent during overtime. These figures are a far more significant than the previous record of highest viewership figures for Champions 2021 and both Masters Reykjavik tournaments. One million viewers were eclipsed by each other but went from one to another, according to the Esport Chart’s Data.

About half million viewers of the Champions 2022 grand finale come the main English broadcast on Twitch. The largest streams in terms of viewership include the tarik-stream, official Twitch and YouTube broadcasts in Portuguese, the English-stream and the Japanese and the official fps_shaka broadcast and co-stream.

This concurrent spectator milestone puts the champion 2022 as the most-watchedVALORANTand VCT event ever. Having surpassed the total hours watched record at the bottom of the final, it did then become the worst event ever. The event will end with the average viewership of over 500K viewers over 112 hours of airtime.

Both of the OpTic players and brands have a major milestone, as they are now the only VALORANT team to have three separate matches to reach one million concurrent viewers: this final versus LOUD, the Reykjavik 2022 final versus LOUD, and the Champions 2022 lower final versus DRX.

In order to complete the final user mark, this tournament could reach an average of more than 1.5 million millions if LOUD and OpTic go to the map in the distance of 5 miles.