In a new update, Volition has delivered a new update for Saints Row this month, and it is massive. At the moment of publication, the update doesn’t live on the PC yet, but it’s live on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox One, Xbox S, and Xbox X, as well as update notes revealing over 200 changes and improvements. Unfortunately, this update doesn’t add any new content or correct its shoddy writing.

As for the update, as we know, everything that update does is courtesy of the patch notes, we don’t have any knowledge of the different file sizes. In the other words, the only question that can be answered about how long it takes to download is to note that the patch notes are absolutely massive and therefore suggest a larger update even if there is no new content.

Here, you can try out the notes of this article for yourself:


Combat should feel more balanced and engaging, and winning fights should feel more rewarding.

We changed our way of thinking.

We reorganized combat by drastically reducing enemy fired fired and sMGs damage across the board. This should make a number of key encounters fairer and more enjoyable.

We’ve eliminated most of Weapon Ultimate Challenges, reducing them to make progress seem more rewarding.

Weapon Ultimates unlock automatically when the challenge’s finished. Your right to reclaim immediately, is it?

We’ve changed the time for the enemy to interrupt calls for support.

We’ve updated the model of notoriety so players can respond to and escape this loop a lot.

We’ve reduced the frequency of stylized deaths on the most difficult time.


Managing and using your fleet of extraordinary cars should be much easier.

There are seven new garages in the world that open the door at the beginning of the ‘Chop Shop’. That means you have many more options when picking up the car, dropping off, and getting it stored.

We’ve improved garages list management. This moment you can grab and view recent vehicles in the garage.

We released over 50 save slots for vehicle customization.

We introduced “vehicle templates” as rewards, so we didn’t save the vehicle to the player’s garage automatically, thus allowing players to use more custom vehicles save slots.

We made it a whole range of vehicles, from favorites, liked vehicles, to recent vehicles.

We added new mobile apps to the headquarters and a new online shop for driving cars.


We’ve made the first to go out in a series of future changes for the city of Santo Ileso, the whole world of urban activities, to become more immersive and rewarding:

We introduced new tiers to district completion. Players will see the Saints roaming the streets when they are completed the criminal venture and district threats. In turn, even more Saints spawn at 100% completion.

We significantly reduced the number of Bright Future Disposals required to complete the project.

The “Chopshop” car delivery is now accepted everywhere, so will the new location.

We improved the search radius on certain collectibles, making them easier to find while exploring the city.


A new voice app-sharing tool allows players to use a huge new range of voice apps for customization.

Players can now equip weapons from HQ without having to enter the HQ.

We’ve updated subtitle timings and adjusted the performance for the subtitles to better match what was happening on screen.

We implemented support for PlayStation 5’s haptic triggers.

We’ve upgraded Color Swatch to include a truer “black” and a larger selection of grays.


Fixed a problem where it happened, when the player lost contact and distortion during the op.

Fixed instances where the player icon disappeared from the minimap.

Fixed an example of Animations that players are not performing for and that players hit the platform with a thrustbuster while the camera modes were on the display.

Fixed co-op interaction with the “@cha” side-hustle, which could lead to overwriting or canceling the first interaction, and displaying the objective merely so that the second player can interact.

Credit is now given on the “Will the Collective” challenge if the “Litterbug” wanted target is killed in co-op.

Fixed a situation where the Host can’t build a criminal venture while the partner player is waiting to join the active session.

My client player immediately sees tutorial prompts when advancing through the first F#:!ing Day in the co-op.

An error caused by a serious death, and it was fixed immediately after the first cinematic play in “The Great Train Robbery” that caught the attention of the audience.

The “Buy Deck” menu at the HQ didn’t help the teams from getting the tickets to the team.

Fixed an issue where the host could lose menu functionality if the client left during a mission after being selected ‘exit from main menu’ by the host.

Vehicle Delivery service now reliably delivers car customized if they were saved in the garage by the player in co-op.

When the partner player drove the vehicle, fixed an issue with turrets shaking.

I fixed a loading problem while the host is on the “Wait To join” screen.

Fixed a case where the characters could fall under the map in “The Forge” in co-op.

Adjusted cargo spawn time to prevent flight failures in the “As with the Foodiest” season.

Fixed the case of a mission in which no reports were confirmed after the player was revived during “Morning Commute” the shame was found to be returned to life (see also a memo) of a mission notwithstanding.

Fixed an issue where the host could fall through the ground in “After Party”

Fixed a case where the helicopter may no longer arrive while the Host player is in the APC turret during the first F#:!ing Day mission.

Despite having tried to solve a problem where the host may’ve already made a character adjustments, and that would have asked the client to exit during the first F#:!ing day mission.

Fixed a bug that restricted the player’s ammunition if the host entered the weapon cache during “Observe and Report”

Fixed an issue where the Host could remain waiting for the reveal cut scene as the partner player had decided to cancel the “join new criminal venture” revealed.

Fixed a case where the player icon would disappear from maps when the host exits and re-enters the garage.

Fixed instance of Kakts Radio banners appearing when the partner player joins a coop session.

The cases of arms disappearing on partners Player Bosses were dealt with by investigators.

Fixed a bug where neither players could use skills if their players had the “Riot Shield” equipped.

Fixed an odd crash when both players exited the main menu.

Fixed a bug where the Partner Player could lose functionality in the main menu after selecting DLC content from the main menu.

Resolved the problem where the partner player sees the world loading while waiting to join a co-op session.

Several instances where the partner player able to see the “Content Unlocked” pop up twice during a co-op session.

Fixed a case where unwanted messages can be displayed between Host and Partner Player when unlocking DLC.

For a guide to co-op for a full description, please visit the co-op guide.


Fixed an issue when the player could crash while sitting at the HQ.

When players do so, the risk of accidental deaths is reduced and observed during and observing the events – and during multiplayer sessions, neither of them, neither.

The train had to learn Mayhem. Choo choo!

Fixed instances of infinite loading screens when talking to the Chalupacabra Manager.

Rejuvenate in the co-op during restarting from checkpoint in the “Take Me to Church” column.

Fixed an example where players could encounter an infinite loading screen when restarting from checkpoint during “Make a Rent.”

Fixed a problem loading the chopping-shorting side hustle.

Fixed an accident that could occur when prolonged fighting was carried out with huge mention.

Fixed an infinite loading screen that could occur if the project’s goal in “Observe and Report” had “Clear the Lead” truck.

Fixed a crash that could happen in co-op if both players decided to leave the main menu during the first customization screen in the opening scene.

Fixed a crash that could happen for the player who is played at the shit on co-op while not near the HQ.

Fixed a case where @cha would be impossible after defeating all of the enemies.

Fixed a soft crash that could occur in co-op when two players were using the Style app during the “Arm yourself” goal in “Corporate Retreat”

After a mission, the style-app fixed instances of infinite loads for use.

Fixed a bug where a loading screen was disabled after the jump off the train when the last cutscene was triggered in “The Great Train Robbery” the original sleuthing occurred.

Resolved a quick crash, when the container fails to meet the objective during the “chopper” activity.

When building the “Wuzyers Repo” crimbo, put a case of a soft crash. The game won’t repeat any more fun.

After a prank tutorial is displayed, the “Control Unlock” interface is displayed, the player could become soft crashed.

Fixed an instance where the player crashed while in Santo Ileso whereas on a high-resh setting.

Fixed the situation where the player could softly crash when pausing the game.


Fixed a situation where Neenah couldn’t drive to the graveyard in “The Building” point.

Fixed the issue where the Empire Map was invisible with empty lot circles in “Breaking Ground”

After placing “Beright Future Disposal” in “Breaking Ground” Fixed the hard crash.

Fixed the lighting shift at the beginning of the “Networking” phase.

Fixed an event where the player could skip the discussion in “After Party” with NPCs.

The player didn’t know how to restart when he was speaking to Kevin. Let him go!

An issue has been fixed because Sergio was caught up in a hit by El Lanzador in “The Great Train Robbery”.

Following the death of all the enemies of the first car, a soft crash took place during “The Great Train Robbery”.

Fixed a case of Marshall units who not attacked the player in “Take Me to the Church”. We’ll speak to their supervisors.

Fixed an unrelenting hazard after attacking the Nahuali using the cab or the ZH4 (which is one of the best for the dog).

We grant the Doc Ketchum Horse from “Aggressive Recruiting”.

The boat suddenly stopped during “going overboard” and the squinted bug.

Fixed a case where the Nahuali could prevent the player from entering a vehicle in “The Frontier”. Get in Boss. We’re going to the hunt.

Fixed a soft crash that won’t allow enemies to disappear if the player moved far enough from the mission area in “A Piece of the Action”.

Fixed multiple failures that could happen if the player is killed during the “Browse Your Own” campaign.

Fixed ammo was removed from the KA-1 Kobra Pistol after completing “Making Rent”.

Fixed case of frozen pedestrians during “Donut Run”

Idol threats are what can be corrected using jukebox audio.

Fixed area warning screen radius in “non-Compete clause”.

The animation issue was fixed with Gabriel in “Neenah’s Car”

In the objective of “Interrogate Gabriel” (Semaine’s Car), we fixed a mission progression problem.

A invulnerable NPC was fixed in “The Forge”

Fixed a massive loading screen, which could be fixed when I opened the “Community Sharing” menu during the “Easily Fast and the Foodiest” mission dialog.

There was no need to revive Kevin after passing through the window as he went to “The Fast and The Foodiest” on Monday, the fast and the afastest.

When the helicopter landed the last container, a bad-smelling suitcase failed to work in order to fix that problem.

Once a player aborted or completed his mission, fixed an issue where he fell.


There are incorrect names in the consoles.

Fixed instances of re-selecting the buttons that appear no properly on the button maps.

when restoring the default, the disappearing off/off toggle for crew to customize.

Custom color button is now working properly while in contrast settings.

Some placeholder texts have been removed in the brightness choices menu.

Correctly added the background color to text boxes.

Players who completed “Insurance Fraud” first did that for the objective timer to succeed in the scorer – and spawning the objective timer UI, while attempting “Laundromat” to compete in “Laundromat” for players who completed “Ensurance Fraud”.

As long as the player is not in a vehicle, he avoided the option to open the Skills or Perks menu.

Fixed certain occurrences of the upgrade costs that were not shown on the “Friendly Fire”.

Fixed errors where the back button isn’t available.

Corrected a problem that forced players not to select the menu item of the main menu.

The XP gain icon re-cleaned to that icon.

Fixed the type of prompt that led to the correct response if the player were swayed through a car’s roof and walked down the ladder.

Fixed an issue with the weapon wheel showing the incorrect weapon when using it.


The logo displayed on the Dreadnought site showed up.

The problem with the need for upgrade kits to be lost after selecting vehicle presets in the garage was fixed.

Adjusted High Glare intensity.

Adds a controller squander while a-mowing on heavy vehicles.

Fixed a situation where the driver of a hijacked vehicle couldn’t ragdoll a man after he was kicked out of the vehicle.

In spite of the accident that the player ran from the car after being killed by a vehicle, he re-spaw the player as a ragdoll.

Fixed an issue that forced the yacht to behave erratically when hooked up with the tow cable. You get down, then you’re aboard.

Fixed cases of vehicle doors inflicting damage to the player when entering certain vehicles.


Fixed issues where Factions, police, Saints NPCs and vehicles failed to spawn after prolonged gameplay sessions.

Fixed instance of police and faction spawning is not properly occurring in certain world districts.


Fixed an accident where NPCs would perform their sit animation after being killed leaving a vehicle.

Adjusted scripted NPCs so they could combat actions.

Adjusted the sync of Friends NPC revitalized animation.

Fixed a case where an unrecognizable guarante, an instant killer that would be used to kill enemies or the wrong direction in action would be shown.


Fixed timer for certain challenge lines.

Fixed a case where music from the “Bright Future Disposals” Criminal Venture kept playing music.

Fixed some problems with their radios turned off.


a case where the camera could clip when it’s finished for “Unto the Breach”.

Fixed cases where the camera could clip through props in “Observe and Report”.

The camera would get stuck under the map while drifting into garages at high speeds.

Smoothed motion of the camera when entering some interiors.

When moving the camera, fixed a failure in camera acceleration.


It has been fixed several times for characters that are unsupported to be displayed.

Coran hasn’t fixed missing translations.


Fixed a bug where the upper underarms could disappear when wearing some jackets.

Fixed instance of shadows flickering while the boss rotated in the Wardrobe.

Fixed a bug that didn’t allow the player to preview the helmets and the hats can have the player a hat equipped with.

The player character displayed at the rear of a car when he entered the garages.

Fixed the missing skin textures, with particular gloves equipped to do it.

The resolved case of hairclipping in Headbands was solved.

Chicken Ned outfit coloring is correctly displayed now.


The MDI-101 Multi Launcher detected the problem after completing the weapons challenge.

Multikills will now also add to the challenge of the AS3 Ultimax weapon challenge.

Fixed a scenario where the player would have lost ability while still loatheing an empty magazine.

When the minigun stopped working after overheating, it was fixed.

We used a shotgun sawed-off for the damage.

The player is in no mood for losing functionality if a reload of the players tries to get off-load.

The Panteros Thumper is now available for hire.


Fixed a case of ambient spawns sometimes blocking access to the garage, lakeshore north.

Fixed a few of the missing textures at the eastern edge of Rojas Desert.

Fixed holes that could have been seen to the top of certain buildings in the District of California’s Finance Office.

Correction of the dust storm effect when people were seated inside shops.

Saints Row is accessible via Xbox One, Xbox series S, PC, PS4, and PS5. For further coverage on the 2022 divorce reboot, please click here.