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Kaleo bring the Icelandic Blues and All The Pretty Girls to Rocksmith

If you were looking for new songs last time out then you would probably have been left disappointed by the arrival of new tutoring methods with the previous batch of Rocksmith DLC. But worry no longer as today sees the game get back on track with a trio of tunes from the Icelandic blues rockers, Kaleo.

Available right now for Rocksmith 2014 Edition and Rocksmith Remastered rockers to enjoy is the Rocksmith Kaleo Song Pack. Priced up at an easy listening £6.69, the Kaleo pack contains three of the band’s most famous tunes, with the following all in place…

  • No Good
  • All The Pretty Girls
  • Way Down We Go

It’s easy to see why these tracks have been chosen by the Rocksmith gods for inclusion on the Kaleo Song Pack. See, it is quite possibly ‘All The Pretty Girls’ which rocketed the band to fame upon release back in 2014, with both the critically acclaimed ‘Way Down We Go’ and ‘No Good’ following things up to prove that this Icelandic group were no one-hit wonders.

Should you like the blues/folk rock vibes that Kaleo produce and reckon purchasing, downloading, learning, playing and mastering their tunes are the way forward then you’ll possibly be interested to hear that each track is also available outside of the full Kaleo Song Pack with an individual price point of £2.49 attached.

As always you just need to head on over to the Xbox Store to sort yourself out with a download should you be on the best side of the format war, whilst those over on PS3 and PS4 would do well to make the PlayStation Store their next page hit. You will of course need a copy of the Rocksmith base game to hand – either the 2014 Edition of that of the Remastered version – but then you are pretty much good to go.

With a whole ton of other tunes from a huge array of bands and artists having hit the Rocksmith library over the years, there is little chance you won’t be able to find anything available to learn. And if by some magical oddity you are struggling, there’s always next week!

Let us know what you decide to pick up though, and whether this Kaleo pack is one you’ll be adding to your digital library. The comments section is down below.

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