Gardening is life.

Welcome to a new world. The Kingdom awaits you, so it is time to quit your old life and begin anew. Today the developer of Indie / Little Ricebowl will announce that their gardening life sim, The Kingdom of Gardenia, will be released on Nintendo Switch. The game is aiming to combine multiple types of games with its players. A press release gives us more information about the game. The new trailer also gives the player a look at the game.

After the soldiers got in the shoes of the former soldiers, they hired a mysterious new employee. Of course, who’s the job? As a groundskeeper, players are learning to cultivate a garden. Here they’re making food they’ll use in recipes. This game is often used in such things as Stardew Valley, Overcooked and other games. Of course there is a dark presence who haunts the kingdom. Players will also need to face as they advance.

Explore, create, help the kingdom. There is so much to do in Gardenia. Players can play a number of mini games and other activities around the kingdom to earn money. From here they can trade for food, new products and more from the merchants. Of course, you can download the game in the new trailer.

Kingdom of Gardenia is available today on Nintendo Switch. The game is now available at the Nintendo E-Shop for $6.99. Would you like to enter the Gardenier Kingdom?