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Koakuma Announces CBT2 Tournament | PlayToEarn

The tournament is only eligible for awards through an Access Pass.

CBT2 Tournament 

Koakuma, a fantasy 3D MMOARPG, has just announced the release date for the CBT2 tournament. After the launch of CBT2, the team received a lot of commendations from its players. Many players had smooth operations, great fights with bosses, and wrote some interesting stories. The CBT2 tournament will officially kick start on the 25th of November at 12 am UTC. 

The tournament’s gameplay has 36 levels. Each level is accessed by defeating all the monsters on the current level. A core energy altar will then appear on every 5th level, which can be activated by killing all the monsters in that level. 20% of the maximum HP can be restored by clicking on the altar. In addition, players can interact with the altar and choose one of the three random core energy. However, a player can absorb up to 4 core energy simultaneously. 

Furthermore, once a player completes the 30th level, the chosen privilege is activated automatically. When entering the tournament the next time, the player can choose one core energy absorbed during the last challenge and bring it to the tournament. However, this core energy cannot be replaced and cannot occupy the position of the core energy slot. Therefore, it becomes invalid after the current level is over. 

Eligibility and Prize pool

The CBT2 tournament will open only to level 20 and above players. This is because the difficulty of this gameplay mode is quite hostile to beginners. However, beginners can improve their abilities and earn more items to challenge later. 

A total of 3 rounds has been chosen as the timespan for the tournament. Each game is to run for about 72 hours. For the first round, starting on the 25th of November, a 1000$ worth of bonus has been provided for the winners. The prizes for the second and third rounds, slated for the 2nd and 9th of December, are yet to be announced.

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