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Legends of Aria kicks off its second closed beta

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The team of Legends of Aria starts its second closed beta. A closed beta that feels the groundwork towards the launch of open beta and early access on Steam. The servers have erased and everyone starts from scratch. Trying out the new map system, new territories and the new graphics with which they have endowed this new version of the game.

At the moment Legends of Aria is only for sale from its official page. Later when early access starts it will also be available on Steam.

These are the plans that the Legends of Aria team has for the next months:

  • Closed Beta 2. It all kicks off this week with CB2, which kicks off with a beta server wipe. This wipe gives everyone a fresh start and allows us to gather important data about our skill gain curve as we make final adjustments to get it right. We will use your feedback to prioritize our efforts in the open beta.
  • open beta. The open beta will be launched at the end of August or beginning of September. We’ll be handing out thousands of test keys to test the servers, and open the doors to creating the living world you know LOA can be. We plan to have both a NA and EU server for this test period.
  • Early Access. Once we’ve resolved the major stability and performance issues, we’ll do our final wipe of the servers. This kicks off our Early Access rollout. We will close sales for seven days, and everyone who supported our development with a Founder’s Pack or Kickstarter contribution will get a seven-day head start on building houses, collecting materials for a crafting run, taming beasts savages, the start of wars, the creation of cities, and the injection of life into our world.


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