Weve already seen some new LEGO 2023 sets that are slated to be released in the next few months such as Speed Champions and Technic, but there have been more that have been revealed in the 2023 1HY catalog. The most interesting news here is that the LEGO DOTS theme will be adding a Harry Potter subtheme to it which will be coming in March. It looks like a teaser, but it’s very interesting to see how it will work.

LEGO Classic, 2023 March 2023.

Creative neon fun (11027). Creative Pastel Fun (21028). Creative Party Box (11029) There are lots of woods (41030).

LEGO Creator 3-in-1 March 2023

A vintage motorcycle (31135) has been stolen. I was bitten by some very bad parrot (31136). Dogs and dogs (31337) Cosy House (31139). Magical Unicorn (31140): 335.

LEGO Harry Potter Dots April 2023

LEGO DUPLO, March 2023.

Carrots grew (10981) Tractor for fruits and vegetables (10982) Organic Market (10983) Organic Garden (10984).