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Life is Feudal: MMO releases its first major update and distributes gifts among its players

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Since a few days ago the first major content update for Life is Feudal MMO. An update that comes with many new systems and improvements for this highly realistic medieval simulator with a vast open world.

  • now you can travel freely between the different worlds
  • pvp arena – Some ranked battles for up to 20 players with rounds that last about 12 minutes.
  • Clergy – You can please the gods with different actions and sacrifices. Help spread the word, excommunicate the guilds, and create your leniency to pardon repentant criminals.
  • new outlets – Different types of stalls to collect resources.
  • Slavery – A new mechanic for getting slaves to trade with and putting them to work at your stalls.
  • System of guild rankings
  • addition to others many changes and minor improvements.

Coin gift for players

To celebrate this launch Life is Feudal MMO has distributed $20 worth of codes in the in-game store to each of the players who have purchased Life is Feudal MMO.

Or leave you with a guide for those newcomers That explains very well what this game is.

*Thanks to Carlos for the warning.


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