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Lift Your Game with the dream team of Xbox and Lynx!

Video games and the collective gaming industry have come a long way in 2019. Consoles are more powerful than ever before with the Xbox One X currently leading the pack, while online gaming has evolved into a sophisticated ecosystem thanks to the platform-crossing Xbox Live service. Xbox has done a lot to entertain gamers all over the globe, but what have they contributed to curing the ever growing epidemic of poor hygiene and stopping the outbreak of bodily odours? What will become of our society if Xbox gamers don’t look and smell their best.

This is especially the case in Australia where the UV Index is the highest in the world, which means we (yes, including me) need to spray twice as much deodorant and antiperspirant to make it through the work day in summer. Of course, all that spraying doesn’t help with the ozone layer either… catch 22 really… but hey a fella needs to feel fresh and smell fine even when living under a deteriorating ozone layer.

Xbox and Lynx have teamed up to introduce a range of men’s body care products exclusively in Australia and New Zealand, and this includes a deodorant, antiperspirant, and multi-purpose trifecta shower gel (count ‘em: body, hair, AND face). All three products come in the traditional Xbox colours of green, black, and white, and all are designed to help lift your game – apparently. I started using all three products this week and doing so has helped me show up to work late without consequence, score a free cup of coffee, and openly talk about my Tamagotchi pet in front of workmates without being judged. Although only one of these things is true… maybe.

To get gamers excited for this product line, an advert/short film of sorts was also released. The advertisement is almost an homage to Scott Pilgrim, but with the extra cringe of Xbox references to make one want to reach out for a bag of Doritos and guzzle down a litre of Mountain Dew. Lynx and Xbox are a dream team for sure, because you most certainly need to look and smell your best when spending Saturday nights alone at home playing PUBG.

Do you need these latest Xbox products in your life? Of course you do… but tell us why by posting in the comments.

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