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LotRO: “Before The Shadow” Mini-Expansion Is Now Available For Pre-Purchase, But Still No Release Date

Around a month after The Lord of the Rings Online: “Before the Shadow” mini-expansion announcement, Standing Stone Games allows players to pre-purchase the content today. There are three bundles: “Ultimate Fan Bundle,” “Collector’s Edition,” and “Standard Edition,” with varying prices. But as of now, we still don’t have a determined release date from the devs.

The Ultimate Fan Bundle at $99.99 features ten additional slots of shared storage, exclusive cosmetics, a housing teleporter, and other items. The bundle and Collector’s Edition at $59.99 gives players an Expedition Supplies Box with goodies like XP and reputation boosters. But otherwise, the Collector’s Edition gets a small handful of what players would get buying the uber Ultimate Fan Bundle. The $19.99 Standard Edition unlocks the mini-expansion and an Elf Dance emote.

For those unfamiliar, the Before the Shadow mini-expansion sends players into two new regions: Swanfleet and Cardolan. There, players discover the rising threat from Mordor and Saruman’s Uruks. Meanwhile, Boromir travels north to Rivendell ahead of the iconic Fellowship of the Ring meeting as the Nazgûl search for “Baggins” in the Shire. Outside the story content, there’s a six-person instance coming, a new Skirmish, a Delving difficulty system to earn greater rewards, and plenty more features and content.

While there’s not a date yet, fans can read through the Q&A blog published on the LotRO website for information.

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