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LumbearJack goes green with confirmation of an Xbox release

Previously announced for PC and Switch, the delightful looking LumbearJack has today got a little greener, not just with confirmation that Jack will be coming to Xbox, but that the teams behind it will also be partnering with Ecologi.

It seems a perfect fit, if we’re honest. A heartfelt tale about Jack the bear as he attempts to save his forest friends, LumbearJack already has some seriously green credentials. But now, confirmation that Jack will be popping up on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, as well as PC and Nintendo Switch, hammers home the eco-goodness.

Due to launch later in 2022, this wholesome puzzle-adventure will also see the teams at Armor Games Studios and Finalboss Games begin to work, and partner, with Ecologi, all in hope that they can reinforce the game’s environmental messaging with real-world action. See, LumbearJack players will save not only Jack’s home, but the habitats of woodland animals in our home and as part of the game’s partnership with Ecologi, each copy purchased will ensure one tree is planted in real reforestation efforts.

So what is LumbearJack exactly? Well, it’ll have players don the hat and suspenders of Jack – a determined bear with a green thumb – as they look to embark on a mission to save the place he and his friends call home. They will help Jack dismantle heavy machinery, factories and garbage, cleaning up and restore the forest to its natural beauty through puzzles that use elements found in the world around them.

It promises to be a charming little puzzler in which players will get the chance to swap the usual diplomacy for a good old axe, whacking humans around the head for being so god-damn stupid. It’s certainly looking like one in which humanity’s need to expand and consume will be thrust centre stage.

Game features include:

  • Play as a bear with an axe!
  • Chop your way through forests, construction sites, and more exciting locations in a variety of puzzles which utilize elements in the world around you
  • Reduce, reuse, and recycle waste to upgrade your chopping capabilities
  • Save a quirky cast of animal friends and team up with them to save the day
  • Take down an evil corporation dead set on destroying nature as we know it

Manuel Usero, senior developer at FinalBoss Games says, “We created LumbearJack to humorously entertain and educate people about the environmental problem we are currently facing and we are very happy to actively help solve it by partnering with Ecologi.”

LumbearJack is planned for release in 2022 on PC via Steam, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S. We’ll bring you more as soon as the details drop.

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