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Martha is Dead PlayStation cut content detailed (2022 updated)

A list of changes made to the PlayStation version of Martha is Dead has now been detailed.

Earlier this month, it was announced the game would be censored on Sony platforms – while the historical horror game’s PC and Xbox versions would remain intact.

IGN has now detailed the numerous cuts, and discussed them with Martha is Dead’s developer and publisher, who confirmed they came at Sony’s request. PlayStation, meanwhile, declined to comment.

Content warning: the changes are addressed below and include some disturbing details. We have chosen not to include images or video of them.

On PS4 and PS5, two scenes have been changed so they are no longer interactive. This includes the section featured in the game’s demo, where the player character removes a woman’s face with a knife, and another where the player cuts open a woman’s womb with a pair of scissors.

During one area, explicit dialogue referencing masturbation has been removed entirely. Developer LKA said this change was due to the scene’s location, a psychiatric hospital, which was “context that has been considered inappropriate” – presumably by Sony.

More detailed warnings of the game’s content have been added at the game’s start for PS4 and PS5. You can also now choose to play a fully-censored mode where the above non-interactive scenes are skipped entirely, alongside two other scenes which show miscarriage and suicide.

“The changes in content were made as a result of conversations with PlayStation in the lead up to our launch,” publisher Wired Productions said. “Although the changes were not planned and the modifications did result in a slight delay in being able to start production on the physical edition, PlayStation fully supported us to help minimise this delay.”

“PlayStation players can still experience the story we’re trying to tell,” developer LKA added. “This is a vast and complex subject, and the changes that have been made [do not] distort the gaming experience.”

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