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Marvel Super Hero Squad Online Announces Guardians of the Galaxy

Marvel Super Hero Squad Online announced today that Guardians of the Galaxy characters will be coming to the game for the first time this coming week. The new characters will be on sale until August 28.

These packs include Groot, Rocket Racoon, Starlord and Gamora, among others, and other characters will have a 20% discount on their original price. According to what they say in the press release, the players who buy the heroes will have them at the moment, nothing to wait for them to appear in the Mystery Box.

If you don’t want to spend money, Gazillion has prepared an event from today to August 27 on Facebook where they will randomly give away a pack of heroes every day.

All the details on their official site, www.heroup.com and on his Facebook https://www.facebook.com/SuperHeroSquadOnline.


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