We still don’t know much about Spider-Man 2,but now we learned something more, even if we hadn’t thought of it. In an animated post that reads: “Scott Porter stating that Harry Osborn is an actor, a man who calls him “Jones” a fox star says he will not return to the upcoming Insomniac Games.

As far as the picture below shows, saved before the deletion of the tweet and then shared via Reddit, Porter states that this choice is the reason for the need to suggest photorealistic graphics and therefore the actor, too young compared to Osbornb, couldn’t be a part of that role.

The actor is also writing: Despite the fact that he voiced Harry [Osborn] in the first Spider-Man, I wouldn’t be able to see me in the sequel. They decided to pursue photorealism and the age difference between Harry and I was too big to overcome, i think. I’m sorry, but I realize it. It will be a beautiful game.

The video of Scott Porter tweets that caught the attention of a tweeter.

This is a fact that it seems to have been apparent that the choice would be justified by technical issues, possibly related to motion capture. The transition to the remastered version of Marvels Spider-Man was quickly changed. At the time, Insomniac Games changed Peter’s vote, always stating that it was a technological choice.

There will be a new actor and voice actor for Osborn in Spider-Man 2. The tweet was deleted, so we don’t have an official and definitive confirmation yet. We need to wait for confirmation from Insomniac Games.

As mentioned, we don’t know very much about the game, but it is because the team hasn’t revealed anything anymore. But we know Marvels Spider-Man 2 is still scheduled for 2023, after the assurance that the emergence of the company is under the direction of Insomniac.