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Mass Effect Trilogy Remastered Listed by Yet Another Retailer

We first started hearing rumours about a remastered collection of the original Mass Effect trilogy in the earlier months of the year. We’re now nearly done with September, and the we – haven’t – stopped – hearing – about it. Pre-order listings for the game popped up at UK retailers last month, while just last week, a Portuguese retailer listed the game. And retailers, it seems, aren’t done leaking the game before EA can finally announce it themselves.

Now, Czech retailer Herni-Svet has listed the game as well, having put up PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch listings for Mass Effect Trilogy Remastered. The Switch listing in particular is interesting, because initial rumours about the remaster suggested that it wouldn’t be coming to Nintendo’s console “at first”- perhaps EA’s plans have changed since then (if this listing is accurate, that is). This also wouldn’t be the first time we’ve seen retailer listings for a Switch version of the release.

Meanwhile, the listings also mention a release date of October 15 for the remastered collection, which is notable because it falls in line with a recent reports that suggested that it would be officially unveiled in early October and released later in the month. We’ve got a screencap of the listing for you below, in case it gets taken down soon.

Of course, there’s a chance that this listing isn’t accurate, or at least based on any information the retailer is privy to and based instead on leaks and speculation- but given how much smoke there’s been of late, there’s gotta be a fire somewhere around as well.

Either way, we’ll keep you updated, so stay tuned.

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