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Metroid Prime 4 Developer Recruits God of War Designer

Metroid Prime 4 rebooted development in early 2019 when Nintendo handed the project over to Retro Studios, developers of the original Metroid Prime trilogy. There’s no telling how long it’ll be before we see anything from the game, but Retro have been recruiting heavily over the last couple of years as development on the game ramps up.

Their most recent recruit is Jon Marcella, who joins Retro Studios after nearly 10 years at SIE Santa Monica studio. After working on God of War: Ascension as a designer, Marcella then worked on God of War (2018) as a Senior Game Designer. He has joined Retro as an Environment Designer on Metroid Prime 4.

There have been several reports these part few months of Retro tapping up talent from across the industry to join Metroid Prime 4’s art team, from former Battlefield devs to Mirror’s Edge devs to Halo devs and more.

Metroid Prime 4 is in development for the Switch, but has no set release date.

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