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Microsoft updating Xbox One controller with a couple of Xbox Series X and S controller features Double tap.

Microsoft is testing an Xbox One controller update that adds a couple of features previously exclusive to the Xbox Series X and S controller.

The update lets you easily pair an Xbox One controller with Bluetooth support, an Xbox Elite Wireless controller Series 2, or an Xbox Adaptive controller, with a Windows 10 PC, iOS 15+, or Android device for remote play from your console or cloud gaming if you have Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

After you install the firmware update, these controllers will remember one Bluetooth host (for example your phone) and one Xbox wireless host (for example your Xbox), so you can switch between previously connected devices with a double tap of the pair button.

“This level of compatibility and connectivity has become the norm for modern devices and accessories,” Microsoft said in a blog post.

“Increasingly, the controller will be your common touch point to your Xbox games across devices. We are invested in expanding Xbox gaming beyond the console, so Xbox controllers need to work equally well on both Xbox consoles and Bluetooth devices and moving between all these devices needs to be easy.”

Elsewhere, the update adds DLI (Dynamic Latency Input), which aims to reduce console input latency on older controllers when used with Xbox Series X and S.

The firmware update is available to Alpha Skip-Ahead and Alpha users now, and will be available to additional flight rings in the weeks to come. If you’re part of the Xbox Insider Program, keep an eye out for it.

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