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Microsoft Will Not Be Announcing More Acquisitions At TGS 2020

This week will see the beginning of the 2020 Tokyo Game Show. TGS has transitioned to a digital model, like many other conferences after the outbreak of COVID (at least for those that were not outright canceled), and it’s sure to have tons of news and footage from anticipated titles. Microsoft will kick off the show, and, well, after the recent news of them purchasing Bethesda shook the gaming world, many have wondered what we would see from the company at the show. It’s hard to say for sure, but at the very least, they aren’t buying anyone else.

On the official Xbox Twitter, the expectations of what to expect at TGS were retweeted, including the lack of news on next generation consoles. They gave a brief update to say that there will also be no news of a purchase here in, I imagine, an effort to cool those expecting them to buy Capcom or Sega or whomever.

Microsoft’s weakest region has always been Japan by far, and it’s one they have never managed to get a good foothold in despite their best efforts. That is why there has always been speculation and talk of them buying a Japanese studio (though, technically, they now own one with Bethesda’s, Tango Gameworks), but it’s never panned out. TGS 2020 kicks off starting tomorrow, September 24th, and we’ll keep you updated as news pours in.

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