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Minion Masters Patch 1.38 Is Here With A Cute Minion Masters Plushie Giveaway

In Minion Masters’ latest patch, 2 more cards are introduced alongside an adorable Mana Puff Plushie. To those who cannot resist this creature’s cuddly charms, you’re in luck as Minion Masters is giving away this cutie for free. All you have to do is follow the instructions on their Twitter to participate.

The first card we will talk about is Feng The Wanderer (Legendary). Feng has traveled the world and has yet to meet his match, he will be a powerful ally that can become a trump card if played correctly.

Next is the Rampant Growth (Common) Spell. These support shrooms will help your minions stay alive while annoying your opponent.

And those who would like to learn more can either head over to the official site and read the patch notes there, or, watch the YouTube video below.

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